What is the conversion rate and how do you optimize it with DMfactors?

The short name for conversion rate optimization is CRO, and it has a deep relationship with SEO. It is a very common fact that everyone is focused on the keyword and the ranking of the website for the first few days. The search engines are getting smarter day by day, and now consumers have to be web savvier. Getting the people on the website is not enough, you have to engage the audience for a very long time. Along with engagement, online websites have to convert engagement into actions. 

What is the conversion rate and how do you optimize it with DMfactors?

PPC and SEO will only bring people to your website, and CRO will make them your customers. Conversion optimization is not easy these days, as people are aware and the Google tools are smart. A normal consumer takes only 20 seconds to decide, so CRO can be done within 20 seconds. 

Conversion rate optimization is a step-by-step process where you can break different elements of a page down and convince a user to make a decision. The most important thing you should know about the conversion rate is to embed a video on your page. Because people are more likely to see videos and can quickly make up their minds to make a purchase. 

Headlines play a very important role because they will help you to bring more visitors to your website. We recommend you try different layouts and headlines to make your product more promising. 


  1. What is the full form of CRO?

Ans. Conversion Rate Optimization

  1. What do you mean by CRO?

Ans. Convert the audience into consumers. 

  1. What is important for every kind of business on the internet?

Ans. Experimenting with different and relatable things for growth. 

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