What is Google Lens

A useful tool called Google Lens can recognize objects in a picture and recommend outcomes or actions that are pertinent. It can perform a wide range of tasks, such as translating screenshots and identifying flowers. Initially available only on Pixel phones, Google Lens is now accessible through the Play Store app on all the best Android phones (as well as iPhones via the App Store).

What is Google Lens
What is Google Lens

Despite its usefulness, Google Lens is still prone to being overlooked, even when it is prominently displayed on the Google Pixel 6. This manual explains how to use Google Lens and what it is capable of.

Opening Google Lens

Depending on your device, there are several ways to access Google Lens. Android users have more options than iPhone users, who can access the feature in a few apps. None of these options will launch a constrained version of Lens; they all open the app. Here is a quick summary of the most common access points, but we also have an explainer that goes over all the Google Lens access points.

The Google Lens App

Although it’s not necessary, installing the Play Store app is the only way to get Lens on your home screen by itself.

widget for Google Search

The Google Search widget has a separate Lens button. To launch the app, tap the Lens button.

Google Photos

In Google Photos, open the image you want to edit, then tap the Lens button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Camera app

You might have the option to launch Lens in your camera depending on the app. By tapping the Modes button on Google Camera, you can access Lens.

How effective is Google Lens?

Advanced machine learning is at the heart of Google Lens, allowing it to recognize objects in pictures and recommend appropriate actions. Here are a few activities you can perform with Lens:

  • Include a business card contact.
  • View reviews by taking a picture of the book’s cover.
  • Events from flyers or billboards should be added to your calendar.
  • Specify the creatures and plants.
  • To discover where to buy a product, scan the barcode.

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