What is Google Business Profile and Ways to Optimize it?

Many local businesses use Google Business Profile to provide a kind of online shop. It provides them the opportunity to reach the local and accessible nearby people to grow their business. Many years ago, Google had a deal with Yellow Pages to update the database and also create a database for local businesses. Google uses more sources of data, which helps them to create detailed and trustworthy business profiles. If you want to get local Google searches, then you should set up your Google business profile. Your Google presence will increase the sale of your business and people will be familiar with you. 

What is Google Business Profile

If we talk about the profile percentage, then it will increase by 90% as many people will be able to find you.  So try every prospect to enhance your Google presence so that the algorithm will catch your website and make it reachable to many more people. 

Why is optimization important:

  • If you stick with your keyword, then it will not help you any longer. 
  • Creating a detailed, helpful place for your customers so that they will get to know more about you properly. 

Big signals for Google Ranking:

  • Name 

Make sure that the keyword will appear in the name of the business. 

  • Primary category 

Don’t skip choosing the category and the subcategory that apply to your business, as it helps Google to provide specific customers. 

  • Google Business Profile engagement

You should also make efforts to grow the engagement as it includes the views of your photos, videos, comments on your posts, reviews, etc.

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