What if you don't want Google to rank your site in specific regions?

Google’s Gary Illyes was on Reddit and he advised an SEO expert as he did not want traffic from a specific region. The reason behind it is that he did not ship to all locations and he also wanted to avoid too many abandoned carts. To avoid this kind of situation, he simply wants to not rank his website where he is not able to ship the product, as it will resolve this issue.

Gary said that there is no need to specify the geographic target in the search console. Because Google can simply figure it out from other signals like the different parts of the URL. He also shared the link to the Google help docs and also noted that the international targeting feature in the search console is going away soon.

What if you don’t want Google to rank your site in specific regions?

He also added that this issue is not related to Google and it depends upon how you handle the users when they land on your website. He said that the geo-target feature will no longer help you solve this issue. And it will not guarantee your website will be shown in the particular country that you are serving or not. 

He wrote that he had to observe and learn from other large e-commerce websites like Amazon and how they handle it. He said if he were in this kind of situation, he would seek the help of big retail stores and make a deal with them to find out the solution.

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