Thanks to the digital era that we are living in, the entire world has shrunk so small that it can fit into our palms. Every information that we look for, we get them all in the digital space. The best part is that we can source information about almost anything and everything over the internet. All we have to do is simply type a few words on Google, and whatever we are looking for is right in front of our eyes. Innumerable businesses are thriving, sellers reaching out to customers, campaigns are run, even elections are fought, and so much more – just over a search bar of the search engine. And this space – the search bar of a search engine is a fiercely competitive space. To be able to survive in this cut-throat competition is a feat that is keeping marketers across the world on their toes. And the only way to master the survival skills in this space is to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Search Engine Optimization is considered to be the backbone of Digital Marketing. In the digital age that we are living in, who so ever has mastered this one technique is on the top of the world. However, achieving mastery over Search Engine Optimization is not as easy as it sounds. To begin with, the sheer thought of comprehending the mammoth of concepts that SEO involves is quite overwhelming. Add to this its ever-changing dynamics that need to be tapped upon in order to stay relevant, which in itself is a different game altogether. In this article, we will learn how to break the ice with SEO. 

Can SEO be learned on your own?

Given the rapidly changing dynamics of SEO, there can’t be any specific syllabus that can be followed in order to learn the subject. Hence, the best way to learn is through experience. But then the question arises, where to begin with? Invariably it is a huge learning curve, but there has to be a starting point. Is it better to purchase a book or attend an online workshop? And if so, which book to buy and where to register for the online workshop? 

To begin with, be it an online course, a book, webinar, or any kind of workshop, it will, at the most, initiate the learning process. Attending a webinar or workshop will not mean that at the end of that workshop, you will be able to get a complete knowledge of the Google algorithm. Until and unless you have a hands-on experience of handling SEO projects, only theoretical knowledge is not going to take you anywhere. 

The Time Factor

As per the SEO professionals who have spent years in this field say that it takes years to learn the ropes of the game. It is a great achievement for a beginner if he just is able to learn to put title tags effectively. At an intermediate stage, a Search Engine Optimizer is proficient in Canonicals, while at an advanced stage, an optimizer is able to decode 35% of the Google algorithm.     

Be Ready for the Change

The internet is loaded with information about SEO. There are several contradictory pieces of information, as well. In this case, learning it in the wrong way or picking up improper practices could be disastrous. SEO practices are changing every day. There is no specific rule of the game. Hence, in order to remain relevant to the demands of the industry, an SEO professional needs to learn to evolve constantly. And the most effective way to do that is by joining groups and communities on social media where you get to interact with other SEO professionals of different stages of the learning curve as well as SEO Gurus. You never know, you could find your mentor in one of these communities. 

Paid or Free Courses

There are several paid as well as free courses available. However, for an absolute novice, it is better to make a small investment in a paid course simply because you get all the information consolidated and delivered to you in the most comprehensive manner. In this case, it becomes very crucial to choose the right course. There are several SEO Gurus who sell online courses. Before selecting the course, you should do thorough background research of the instructor. Make sure he is an SEO practitioner himself. 

Hands-on Experience – No better way to Learn 

After you have got your basics clear, it is time for you to jump to a job. Yes. As strange as it may sound, there is no alternative to hands-on experience when it comes to learning SEO. It is a good idea to start working in a small digital marketing company as a Search Engine Optimize. This will ensure good work experience as well as a learning opportunity. 

Even though there is no professional degree specifically for SEO, people with a background in web development may find it easier to land in a job. Apart from this, very good command over English and/ or a degree in Marketing will also be helpful. 

Start your own blog or website.

Another very effective way to learn SEO is to start a website or a blog. An obsession with page ranking is an attribute that gives an added edge to an SEO professional. Owning a blog or a website gives you that edge. Besides, it is also a handy proof of your own potentials as an SEO professional.    

Stay Abreast with the Best Source of Knowledge and Information

One of the major attributes that an SEO professional should have is the hunger for new updates in the SEO realm. Make sure you follow the best SEO experts and subscribe to the best podcast, blog, and newsletter to keep up with the changing norms of the industry. Besides, one has to be tech-savvy and a self-learner.