We all were curious to know what do people search on google so much at some point in time or another. Isn’t that right? It is your curiosity, which has led me to come up with this article about top google searches. 

Let’s get started!

It is not a very big surprise that big brands on the internet acquire the top positions. However, it gets interesting towards the bottom, does check out the list till the last name rank. 

It is essential to understand the keyword unit of measuring before we continue.

Search volume 

Search volume shows how often a given watchword gets looked for in Google every month. What’s more, because the hunting request on numerous catchphrases will, in general, vary from month to month, the number that we give you is a yearly normal. 

Return Rate 

Return Rate shows how frequently an individual will look for that catchphrase once more. It is a relative measurement, so RR 3.55 doesn’t imply that individuals play out a similar pursuit 3–4 times each month by and large. 

In any case, Return Rate is valuable when looking at two watchwords. 

#KeywordSearch Volume
1joseph antoine ferdinand plateau515,000
2Brooke Nevils33,000
3saddleridge fire20,000
4fortnite chapter 214,000
5anne sacoolas13,000
6brooke nevils nbc12,000
7kamille mckinney12,000
8kincade fire map12,000
9brooke neville10,000
10typhoon hagibis9,900
11kincade fire update8,800
12blizzard hong kong7,900
13kincaid fire7,800
14pierre delecto7,400
15mason rudolph hit6,900
16pastor wilson video6,100
17feast of legends6,000
18saddleridge fire map5,700
19tatiana jefferson5,700
20mayor of lannach5,600
21fallout 1st5,500
22tropical storm nestor5,500
24cupcake mckinney4,700
25pastor david wilson video4,500
26the masked singer season 2 episode 54,400
27trump letter to erdogan4,400
29captive cord destiny 24,100
30lose you to love me lyrics4,100
31cody james reedy4,000
32surface duo4,000
33pg&e power shutoff map3,900
34horned wreath destiny 23,800
35inyoung you3,600
36lose you to love me3,600
37nats vs astros3,600
38brooke nevels3,500
39quid pro quo means what3,500
40kincaid fire map3,400
41peppa pig antagonist3,400
42truett foster mckeehan3,400
4311 146 15 623,300
44kamille cupcake mckinney3,300
45joker after credits3,200
46verizon disney plus3,200
48daily mail katie hill3,100
49eyes on the moon destiny 23,000
50play runeterra3,000
51band in china2,900
52pain and gain destiny 22,900
53sulli death2,900
54tick fire map2,900
55daryl morey tweet2,800
56elijah cummings cause of death2,800
57senna abilities2,800
58visitor recordings fortnite2,800
60elijah cummings funeral2,700
61aniah blanchard2,600
62fortnite chapter 2 map2,600
63pge power shutoff map2,600
64pioneer mtg2,600
65katie hill tattoo2,500
66trump booed at world series2,500
67destiny 2 eyes on the moon2,400
68destiny 2 horned wreath2,400
69joker post credits2,400
70julia rose and lauren summer2,400
71julia rose mlb2,400
72make bows not war2,400
73raising dion season 22,400
74canadian pharmacy ezzz2,300
75surface neo2,300
76destiny 2 captive cord2,200
77horned wreath2,200
78kincaid fire update2,200
79kylie jenner rise and shine2,200
80national black sports and entertainment hall of fame2,200
81hevrin khalaf2,100
82new orleans hotel collapse2,100
83scour the rust2,100
84world series game 7 20192,100
85lin tzu ting2,000
86meteor shower oct 20192,000
87patrick day knockout2,000
89aew dark1,900
90atlas monroe vegan chicken1,900
91fangs of shungath1,900
92great and unmatched wisdom1,900
93brook nevils1,800
94chamber of night destiny 21,800
95hervin khalaf1,800
96kanye west up from the ashes1,800
97making assmends1,800
98new zealand badminton team name1,800
99pge power outage by address1,800
100rojean kar1,800

Now it is time to take a look at the top 50 google searches around the world – 

#KeywordSearch VolumeCountry
1joseph antoine ferdinand plateau515,000us
2joseph antoine ferdinand plateau192,000in
3joseph antoine ferdinand plateau119,000gb
5joseph antoine ferdinand plateau81,000de
6楠瀬喜多生誕 183 周年81,000jp
7joseph antoine ferdinand plateau74,000fr
9inaugurazione della prima linea ferroviaria italiana54,000it
10brooke nevils33,000us
11saddleridge fire20,000us
12ชิมช้อปใช้ .com ลงทะเบียนเฟส 220,000th
13ตรวจหวย 1 ตุลาคม 6218,000th
15joseph antoine ferdinand plateau18,000tw
16ชิมช้อปใช้ 218,000th
18сэр уильям рамзай15,000ua
19fortnite chapter 214,000us
20anne sacoolas14,000gb
21joseph antoine ferdinand plateau14,000pe
22happy diwali images 201914,000in
23anne sacoolas13,000us
24typhoon hagibis13,000jp
25joseph antoine ferdinand plateau13,000se
26joseph antoine ferdinand plateau12,000ve
27kincade fire map12,000us
28brooke nevils nbc12,000us
29kamille mckinney12,000us
30eşkiya dünyaya hükümdar olmaz 144 bölüm izle11,000tr
32ชิมช้อปใช้ 2 ลงทะเบียน10,000th
33brooke neville10,000us
34joseph antoine ferdinand plateau9,900ch
35typhoon hagibis9,900us
36world series flasher9,300us
37typhoon hagibis (typhoon no. 19)9,000jp
38жозеф антуан фердинанд плато9,000ua
39kincade fire update8,800us
40www.ชิมช้อปใช้.com ลงทะเบียนรอบ28,800th
41bahis siteleri betlio8,700tr
42sujith status8,100in
43barış pınarı hareketi7,900tr
44blizzard hong kong7,900us
45kincaid fire7,800us
48joseph antoine ferdinand plateau7,500ie
49ลงทะเบียนชิมช้อปใช้เฟส 27,400th
50pierre delecto7,400us

These are two of the most wanted lists around the world brought to you by me/us, exclusively for you. Now, whenever you talk in your friend circle, you can always pull in reference from these lists and boast about your factual knowledge. 

You’re welcome!