Content is king. And there is no doubt about it. Every content marketer puts his best effort to make the content as engaging as possible. However, excellent writing skills complemented by eye-ball grabbing headlines and indigenous use of images and/ or even audiovisuals do not necessarily make sure that your message will also reach your target audience. The digital space is extremely crowded, with too many marketers focusing on the same niche. In such a crowded and competitive space, one tool that helps the webpage to gain better visibility by bringing it up in Google search is link building.

What is Link Building?

In straightforward terms, link building is a technique to share your content and make it reach as many people as possible. The most comprehensive example of this can be explained by the way content is created and shared on Facebook. When we share a photo, video, or for that matter, our opinion on any socio-political issue and that content is liked and shared by our friends, our content features on their Facebook page as well. By doing this, the same material gets viewed by their friends who can further share it on their Facebook pages. In this way, just like word-of- mouth, our message gets spread to more and more people. This same concept works for link building. It is just a more organised and professional way of sharing the content links on relevant or related webpages that are also addressing the same or similar niche as us. This helps to drive traffic to our website.  

Earlier, Google used to rank pages based on the usage of SEO keywords. When we put a keyword on the Google search bar, the links of the websites that are lined up on Google after the advertisements are the top-ranked search engine optimized pages. Hence, the top-ranked pages are the ones that are having the best visibility to the target customers. These are the trust links. If the link of your page is shared on these pages, the viewers or readers click on your page, and thus the reach of your content increases. The same thing happens when Google crawler scans the pages. When Google is scanning a particular link, it clicks on the link that has been added on that page as well. At that time, the trust score is transferred to the added link as well. Thus adding your links on the trust link pages helps to build the traffic of your page. 

Top Link Building Hacks that can help you Survive the Cut Throat Digital Rut in 2022

Tried and Tested Link Building Tools

Now, what are the best link building tools? To do effective link building for your webpage, you need to follow a particular procedure. 

1. Choose a trust link or a target page

2. Approach the prospect or people who may be interested in putting your link on their web page

3. At the same time, you also need to vet out the credibility of the prospect. Just like a trust link can give very good mileage to your link, a substandard webpage can even pull down the credibility of your link.

4. Find their contact and connect with them via a well-drafted outreach email.

5. Keep a tap and manage the campaign.

However, this manual process is helpful only to a certain extent. Hence, when it comes to scalability, more effective tools need to be deployed. So let us look at some of the tried and tested link-building tools here. 

1. Link Prospecting – Helps to identify link building opportunities by running Guest Blogging and Broken Link campaigns. Through Guest Blogging, you can feature on websites and blogs that carry relevant content while running Broken Link campaigns will help to find related dead pages by creating backlinks that point towards them.

2. Advanced Search Operators such as the “intitle” search operator helps to identify opportunities for Guest posts in relevant pages. Several innumerable operators help to identify indexation error, non-secure pages, duplicate content issues, resource page opportunities, infographics, link prospects, internal linking opportunities, PR opportunities, and much more.

3. Content Explorer – Helps in identifying niche blogs that we can write guest posts for, relevant bloggers, relevant mentions that can be converted in a link or identify the mention of your competitors on the web.   

4. Google Alert – One of the oldest tools that helps us to remain updated about all the recent content posts on a particular niche. 

5. Link Outreach Tools help in finding the contact details of the prospects. Some of themost trusted tools include Buzzstream, Mailshake, Pitchbox, etc. 

In Conclusion Content Marketing is becoming fiercely competitive with each passing day. Essentially, digital marketers are going berserk to keep pace with the speed. However, deploying effective link building tools may help a great deal to get the right kind of traction on your webpage.