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If you work without SEO measurement, you are not working effectively. You should measure your progress in time so that you can improve and figure out more tactics in time. Measuring SEO falls into two categories:

Why are basic metrics not good KPIs? How to improve them.

What metrics should be established to determine the actual business projects?

There are a few points that will help you measure the basic SEO KPIs:

  • Traffic
  • ranking
  • conversions
  • connections

Measuring SEO traffic weekly is fundamental, so you can easily make adjustments to improve things. Brand traffic is influenced by awareness campaigns, programmatic campaigns, ads, and more. So traffic and search results are a function of your overall marketing portfolio.

The ranking is something all digital marketers work for. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

What are your trends?

Are you reaching actual milestones?

How do individual pages rank?

How are your target keywords ranking over time?

The evaluation of the keyword ranking shows you the progress across the possible calendar dates and seasonal shifts. If you want to measure conversion, you need to measure acquisition to aggregate last-click conversion from organic search. You should also use a variety of conversion events that strategically target your keywords and increase conversion rates. Links are also important and play a very good ranking factor. They can measure the impact of your content on the audience and give you the right idea for content creation.

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