Search for "buzz video" Recap

Here we are going to cover how Google said that they are not trying to overlap search algorithm updates. But then they announced the rollout of the fifth product review update before the core update was done. We also dug into the product review update and we also see it. There is also a bug with Google ads that prevents some ads from serving for the past day or even more. 

Then, the other week, Google also released a new HTTPS report in the search console. It is causing a lot of confusion as Google’s John Mueller posted that he considers it to be a quality issue with a website. The Google search console international targeting report is now really done and Google said it de-duplicates based on almost duplicates also. 

An SEO survey says that SEO finds link acquisition the most challenging part of SEO. Google is testing highlighting text in the people box, and Google is testing placing the image thumbnail in the different locations in the top stories carousel. Bing is testing the colored site links box as the Google ad self-upgrade tool is rolling out for the local campaigns. Monday and Tuesday are Jewish holidays, Rosh Hashanah, Happy Jewish New Year. 

These are a few topics that you should know about. 

  • Google tried hard to not overlap different search ranking algorithm updates.” 
  • Google unleashes the fifth product review update before the core update is done. 
  • What are we seeing from the Google product review update number 5? 
  • Google ads bug may prevent some ads from serving 

And a lot many more.