Review Posts

Any app or website of online shopping convince us to understand the importance of customer reviews. Now you have a question in your mind that what is this customer reviews?

It is a piece of feedback given by a costumer to the business on the basis of their experience with the corporation. Their reviews can be private or public and collected either by the company or third party. As in today’s time when we are going to purchase anything online then we first go on the reviews section f that product to observe the experience of the customer towards the product. After observing we decide that we should purchase from here or not. So Review Post plays vital role in online shopping.

Importance of Review Posting

Most of the business do not want to manage the costumer reviews as they afraid to be in following situation:

  1. Negative online business Reviews
  2. Zero Business Reviews
  3. Zero recent online Business Reviews

Business is totally depends on the reviews and if a business face this problem then it lose its market reputation. But there are two major advantage of Business review.

  1. To manage company’s online business reputation Business reviews and social post plays vital role.
  2. Business reviews gives valuable feedback to the business like if you got negative review from costumer on any product then it will be a lesson for you and you should develop that point.

Top websites for reviews post

1. is a costumer reviews site. It helps to rank the companies based on their real costumer’s reviews. It also guide us and give experts analysis and other resources to help costumer to make good decision in their purchasing. It provides companies with various tools and services which helps them to collect customer’s reviews. They can promote their products and services and interact with their costumers.

2. Google My Business

Google my Business is a free tool for organizations and businesses to direct their digital presence across google including maps and searches. It tells the information of their organization and business to the customers who are searching for them . It is easy to use tools. You can verify and edit your business information.

Benefits of Google My Business:

  1. It can easily manage your Business information.
  2. You can easily interact with customer via reviews section and other ways.
  3. It helps to understand and increase your digital presence.



Trustpilot is the review site. It is free and open up for every company and consumer everywhere. It was created in 2007 for the purpose  of creating an independent currency of trust. It is an online platform that brings a relationship of trust between business and consumer. Trustpilot gives reviews to help the customer shop confidentially and give the rich insight to the businesses to improve the experience they offer. 




8. Yahoo! Local Listings

9. TripAdvisor

10. Yelp

11. TrustRadius

12. Glassdoor

13. Facebook Ratings and Reviews