Google’s July 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update Is Now Rolling Out

Twitter unveiled the new look yesterday in order to provide listeners with more options to connect with podcast makers. Podcasts are now available in Twitter’s newly revamped Spaces Tab.

How Does It Function?

Spaces has been redesigned to incorporate hubs where users can tailor audio material by specific themes such as News, Music, Sports, and more. The new design makes it easier for listeners to access more tailored portions of Spaces on themes of interest to them.

Podcasts Function

What Else Is There?

The most popular podcasts from around the world will also be available in the new Spaces. Twitter will automatically recommend podcasts based on the content with which they interact the most. If the topic is intriguing or not, listeners can give the podcasts a thumbs up or down.

What Twitter Has To Say

Another way we are continuing to spend in audio makers is by assimilating podcasts into Spaces, where audio discussions happen on Twitter. We started with a refurbished audio experience in the Spaces Tab to deliver this in a simple and natural way that allows listeners to simply push play and go.”

Why Do We Care?

Brands considering podcast advertising may want to reconsider their options now that Twitter has entered the fray. It’s too early to say if the new redesign will increase listeners, but having podcasts available on more platforms may provide creators with an incentive to create and broadcast more.


Is Twitter Finally Incorporating Podcasts Into Its Platform?

Now, the social media behemoth has officially confirmed that podcasts will be added to the site as part of the recently updated Spaces category. Some may be surprised by the announcement, as Twitter has apparently been working on the feature for quite some time.

Is It Possible To Listen To Podcasts On Twitter?

Captivate their interest by posting your episodes immediately from a tweet, allowing listeners to play your podcast on Twitter.

How Can I Get My Podcast On Twitter Verified?

Navigate to Settings and privacy > Your account > Account information on the web. After you’ve entered your password, click Request Verification. Knock Settings and Privacy > Account > Authentication application on Android and iOS.

How Can I Tweet About A Podcast Episode? Under the Content Management section, select Episodes from the left-hand menu. Click the Share button next to the episode you want to share. A new window will appear; copy the link and paste it into your social postings area.

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