Traditional search engines use manual tagging and the keyword is queried against their index to provide the result to a customer. It neglects what your customer thinks and how they behave, and what they expect from their search experience. The evolution of the search experience is provided by a personalized master like Amazon, Google, and Netflix. Customers want to do the same personalized experience on every website they visit. 

Natural language search is essential to provide users with the relevant search they crave. It also moves beyond the keyword matching in the programming manual rules. It also uses artificial intelligence to infer the meaning of complex queries. It also makes you learn from the data and different search patterns that provide a uniquely personal search experience for every customer. 

During the webinar, they present the discussion on why NLP is gaining momentum. And why the companies should start investing in the tools with the NLP which help the organization to predict the intent, and surface content and also customize the digital experiences for every person. 

The key takeaways:

  • Learn to enhance the search experience with the help of machine learning. 
  • Provide crucial insight into the world of natural language processing. 
  • Make you up to date in the world of natural language processing. 

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