Marketers are investing heavily in influencer marketing

Today’s market is the creator market, and it will not fade out soon, according to to sprout social. A new report says that about 74% of marketers are planning to spend about a quarter of their social media budget on content creator partnerships for the next 3-6 months. 

Marketers are investing heavily in influencer marketing

There are 50 million people who are identified as creators, and the opportunities to monetize their content through brand partnerships are endless. Here are a few points which will show you the changes made by social media in the last 2 months:

  • Youtube partners with Shopify to deliver shopping tools for brands and creators. 
  • Instagram announces payments in the chat room
  • Instagram subscription test adds about 3 new features. 
  • Pinterest adds 4 new features. 
  • Twitter launches branded likes 
  • The Twitter testing long-form notes. 
  • Meta launches new monetization tools. 
  • Pinterest launches idea ads and paid partner tools. 
  • New shopping links for Google Adsense. 
  • 5 new tools to get more visibility and followers. 

Brands are concerned with more than just revenue. Brands are interested in working with content creators who have:

  • 62% prioritizing and generating more audience engagement. 
  • 60% want a new audience. 
  • 42% prioritize generating additional revenue.
  • 53% of marketers want to strengthen their social community. 
  • 41% are looking to promote their brand value by relying on creators. 

On which platforms do marketers and content creators promote the most:

  • Instagram about 58%
  • Facebook about 51%
  • TikTok is about 50%.

Let us tell you that most of the users like to spend time on YouTube, yet only 27% of the marketers are putting money into the creator collaboration on the platform. Apart from this, 45% of brands used the creators to post on their accounts, and only 27% were posting on the brand page. 

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