new Pages experience on Facebook

Facebook recently unveiled a completely new Pages experience that it says is ideal for connecting small and medium-sized businesses with customers and other businesses.

the revamped Pages look. The new Pages experience includes a more “simplified layout, easier navigation between your personal profile and business pages, access to a dedicated Feed to more seamlessly interact with people on Facebook as your business, and a Professional Dashboard to manage all of your activities quickly in one central location.”

new Pages experience on Facebook
New Pages experience on Facebook

You can switch between your personal and business profiles by tapping or holding down the menu icon in the top-right corner.

maximizing the potential of your pages. Facebook offers some advice to help companies make the most of their Page experience. Let’s start now.

  1. Setting yourself up for success. Fill out your basic business profile by including a profile and cover photo, a description of your company, and contact information like your website, phone number, address, and operating hours. Facebook also advises adding action buttons to your page and designating page admins to assist you in managing it.
  2. Expand your clientele. To foster relationships, ask friends, family, and current customers to like your page, post frequently, and reply to comments.
  3. Improve your content. Utilize popular hashtags to attract the attention of a fresh, interested audience. You can also cross-share content with your Instagram followers and share posts with up to 3 groups by linking your Instagram account. You can schedule posts using the composer feature as well.
  4. Involve your community. Facebook encourages companies to interact with the community by participating in discussions in the business feed and leaving comments on posts as your page in order to foster relationships.

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