Instagram is cutting back on its shopping featureInstagram is cutting back on its shopping feature

Instagram seems to be falling into an identity crisis as it was a photo-sharing platform that shifted to shopping and is now more focused on videos. So to avoid all this hassle, Instagram is planning to scale back the eCommerce efforts for shopping features.

Instagram is cutting back on its shopping feature

According to profound observation, it is found that the Instagram shopping pages eventually disappear and also change the company’s priorities. Instagram is also facing criticism as it focuses too much on reels and short-term videos. It has the feel of TikTok instead of the photo-sharing app. The huge celebrities are also criticizing Instagram and saying to make Instagram Instagram again and don’t try to be the next TikTok in the industry. 

Advertisers and brands are heavily dependent on the Instagram shopping feature, and you may need to find other ways to promote products. The shopping feature will provide business opportunities to many advertisers and consumers. 

The priorities of Instagram should not be changed, it should be business-oriented like before.

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