Inconsistent data in Search Console

Why is my graph acting up?

On rare occasions, the Search Console may experience an event that could have an impact on the report data. You might notice a dip or bump in your chart, for instance, if we alter our data aggregation techniques or if there is a logging error. This page lists known problems that may have an impact on your data.

Inconsistent data in Search Console
Inconsistent data in Search Console

tool for URL inspection


October 14

The URL Inspection Tool’s “Request Indexing” function has been turned off so that some technical adjustments can be made. In the upcoming weeks, we anticipate its re-enablement. Google is still finding and indexing content using our standard techniques in the interim.

Performance statistics (Google News, Discover, and search results)


September 21 (Search results)

A logging error may cause a small drop in data for this day on some sites. This is only a problem with the logging; it doesn’t reflect changes in the effectiveness of searches or user behavior. Soon, we anticipate replacing the majority of the lost data.

August 22 (Search results)

In order to create new product-type results, Google started converting some review-type results into product-type results in Search. As a result, you might observe a change in the impressions (and clicks) on your Review snippet and an increase in your Product results. This changes both the appearance of these items in Search and the location the Search Console places these impressions and clicks.

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