We all know that location is one of the strongest local ranking factors in the Google search engine. These are the few points that include the fundamental rule, which remains the same:

  • One business 
  • One address 
  • One phone number. 

If you do open a physical location, then it is staffed in every city and you can have multiple Google Business Profiles. But if you are a florist, then you do local delivery, but you cannot create multiple Google Business Profiles. 

If you become an abusive player, then Google will shut you down, and on top of that, they will never give you the right to let you back. 

Location is one of the top local ranking signals. But there is not a good way to show Google that you can actually help customers in nearby towns or countries. This one is especially true for service-based businesses as they work across multiple cities and countries. 

When specifying a service area is not going to be enough, then you just have to add a service area that is a more visible designation only. Along with it, it is also a ranking factor. If you want to know the definitive way for a business to rank in the local search, then you should establish an actual and real office in the neighborhood. 

It is a good idea to test the location first before deciding to invest in a long-term office. You should also get a short-term lease and try if your target customers are there.

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