Digital marketing has brought businesses closer to their target customers. While big MNCs and small start-ups are equally giving importance to the digital aspect of marketing, automatically, a competitive environment is created. Alexa evaluates your business and provides you with a score to show where your site stands. Alexa Rank is the most critical parameter that investors look into, so improving continuously is the key.

“How to improve Alexa Score?” is the most asked question, and people are breaking their heads over this. Now that you have found this article, you are already one step ahead of them. Before we start,let us get a basic idea of what Alexa is and how it works.

For the newbies, Alexa is a measuring unit in the digital world that evaluates the performance of your website with reference to other websites on the internet. And after analyzing your website, it gives a score. This score helps you to get a practical perspective as to where does your site stands, among others. It is very important to pay close attention to the Alexa score, and if you aren’t doing that, then you are not projecting your business at its full capacity. To sum it up, your domain authority on the internet earns you the rank.

Alexa Rank
In layman’s words, it is the score that you get when compare to other sites on the web. It is a reflection of how your website is performing amidst your competitors. Now, the tricky part is, it doesn’t only depend on your site’s credentials; it is also influenced by the credentials of the other sites.

If you look at the above graph, is at the top of the chart and is ranked number 1 due to the traffic it draws, whereas on the X-axis, the website ranks in the 24 million. This is because google gets the most page views, and it has a higher domain authority. This graph depicts how visitors are directly proportional to your rank.

How does it work?
Hundreds and millions of people from all over the world form the data panel of Alexa. This panel is responsible for calculating data traffic through a very complicated process. It is the working hub of Alexa for it scrutinizes data to nullify the spam traffic that any website may attract, amend prejudices that may favor one website.

Data Scientists working with us know the mechanism of Alexa thoroughly hence they help you put forward the genuine traffic for your site so that you can achieve a good Alexa Rank.

Calculation of Alexa Rank

Alexa calculates the number of page views and page visitors on a daily basis for a period of three months. A Website having the best numbers is ranked at the top, and the site with the worst numbers is listed in the millions. But the question is, what about the sites which don’t have any ranks at all? It means that nobody from the working hub visited your website. Hence you don’t have any rank.

If you look closely at the above graph, you’ll see that the distribution of visitors is not even.
Hence it is easier to move up the ranks with a small number of visitors. This equation, however, changes as you gradually climb up the ranks, and to get closer to the top, the competition gets tough, and you’ll be requiring more views to move up in ranks.

How is Data Traffic a Contributing Factor in the Alexa Rank?

The above representation emphasizes the importance of data traffic and how steep the competition gets. The site, which is at the top and the site, which is at the 100th position, marks a huge difference in the number of visitors. This shows that the competition will get tough with increasing ranks.

Improving Your Alexa Rank
You should check the indicators of your website on Alexa to get a more correct Alexa Rating. Sites with accredited metrics have their metrics calculated explicitly by Alexa rather than derived on the basis of our data panel details. This is the beginning you are looking for.

There are a number of ways –

  • SEO – It is not all about promoting your site and improving your visibility; it is about providing the best of content and abiding by the Search Engine guidelines. Another important thing is uploading 100% plagiarism free content, relative and informative content so that you can connect with your readers. All these factors together boost your presence on the web.
  • Inbound Links – Getting redirecting links from top-performing sites is the best tactic to get recognized by search engines. This needs to be backed up with good content and the back-links should be relative so that the average session duration increases. All this works interconnectedly. This is only going to work if you can produce content of top quality, which will attract quality customers.
  • Internal Links – Building strong internal links is very crucial. That will keep the reader on your website, making them explore different articles. Once they get to know about the vast topics, your site covers the credibility of your site increases.
    Using links might look like a lucrative idea, but you should use them appropriately. Remember don’t do too much!
  • Research – Learn about the keywords that are trending and are driving a considerable amount of traffic. This will help you optimize your website with the keywords, which in turn will drive traffic to your site. You can opt for a PPC program as well. This is more effective rather than organically placing keywords and waiting for results.
  • Comparative Analysis – A comparative analysis is crucial to chalk down the strategies and to know where you stand on the web. That will help you get a clear idea of what kind of strategies ad services you need. All these factors help you determine the next step for your site and grow your audience base.