competitive analysis for local SEOcompetitive analysis for local SEO

If we talk about SEO, then there are hundreds of things that a website has to do for a better ranking. The business needs to consider the bigger picture and make a to-do list along with the strategy. These are a few points that will help you to understand what a competitive analysis for local SEO can uncover:

Competitive Analysis for Local SEO
  • Who is ranked at the top? 
  • Why did they achieve this ranking? 
  • Where they have chosen to target their strategy. 
  • What level of effort did they put into the ranking. 
  • When you might be able to outrank them. 

First, you have to determine the local competitors. According to a national SEO campaign, competitors usually target hundreds of keywords. But the local level competitors target only 20-100 keywords. They have a physical community, so they go with the r keywords. 

Steps to conduct a competitive analysis for the local SEO

  1. Compare proximity 
  2. Assess google business profile optimization 
  3. Analyze on-page content 

You should compare the proximity and the distance between your location and the competitors. because it will indirectly affect the Google ranking of your business. If your website is struggling a lot, then the proximity can be limiting progress as the certified address will be too far from the target location. 

By optimizing the Google business profile, you can improve the ranking of your business on Google. Make sure you have selected a good name for your business along with the primary category, other categories, reviews, descriptions, and a lot more. 

You should analyze the on-page content of your website and improve it for the convenience of the user. 

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