How to Deal with Fake Reviews on Your Google Business Profile?

Fake reviews are a very common problem on every social media platform, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business, and many many more. The fake reviews mislead visitors and let them go off the website in no time. The below points will show you how organized crime around leaving fake reviews:

  • They put down the business average ranking. 
  • It also plays an important role in ranking factors in local ads as well. 
How to Deal with Fake Reviews on Your Google Business Profile?

The easy way to protect yourself from fake reviews is to avoid bending for good reviews. The visitors on Google read the reviews. They play the act of blackmailing and misguiding them. There is not any single option to get rid of fake reviews, but the Google business has some options that will help you with this. 

  • Report the face review within your dashboard. It is not going to help you, but you have to do it as it is a procedure. 
  • You can also request a human moderated appeal. 
  • You should go to the Google Support community if your appeal gets rejected. You can make a post with a screenshot and the link so that Google will know about it. 
  • After following all the above steps, you will get a final decision from Google. The decision declaration will take a few weeks or so. 

Google does not have the function to remove fake reviews. Many businesses use the help of good reviews to bury negative reviews. This trick is used by businesses that have faced a reputational crisis in the market. 


  1. It is easy to remove fake reviews?

Ans. No

  1. Is there any practical way to remove fake reviews?

Ans. No

  1. What do we do to avoid fake reviews?

Ans. Bury it with the positive ones. 

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