create a successful GA4 property

In spite of what many of us already know, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is not an analytics update. It’s a brand-new Analytics product in every way. The inevitable learning curve that comes with implementing a new Analytics product also includes getting accustomed to the new user interface (UI), finding and pulling reports, and analyzing the most crucial data.

create a successful GA4 property

Despite the fact that Universal Analytics (UA) won’t be phased out until July 2023, advertisers should still set up GA4 as soon as possible. You’ll be better prepared for the future and be able to start acting on pertinent customer insights the sooner you bite the bullet and switch to GA4.

Account Organization

The first step for businesses should be to structure their GA4 properties and accounts to suit their needs. 

You’ll be able to select the structure that is best for your business by understanding the fundamentals of accounts, properties, and data streams. To ensure that their entire organization benefits from the product, customers must take their time with it, according to Ganem. 

Install Assistant

Next, companies should use the Setup Assistant, which will help them measure a website or app that already uses Universal Analytics without having to spend time setting up a GA4 property.

When setting up Google Analytics 4 for marketers, use the setup assistant.

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