suspended from your Google Business Profile

The Google suspension is familiar to every online business. But being suspended by Google is not good for your growth on the internet. But there are a few points that are very essential to know for every business. The following points will let you know some common reasons for being suspended by Google Business Profile:

  • Google will suspend your profile if they find any suspicious activity, like name and address violations. To attract more visitors, businesses start using the business names in the keyword, but it can be a reason to get suspended from Google. If they find an address that is not associated with your business, then they will suspend you. 
Suspended from your Google Business Profile

Many times, Google suspends the user because their website shows a 404 error or malware.

  • Reinstatement process 

The reinstatement process is very difficult and the main reason behind this is that Google has a wide range of data. If you are waiting for Google’s response, then it may take a few weeks to hear from them. 

Every business should be very aware and make sure that their Google business is aligned with the latest Google Guidelines. Avoid using virtual offices and opening multiple locations in the expanded territory. Update your Google profile after a specific period to avoid any kind of mishap with your Google store. 

The reinstatement process is quite difficult, so you must avoid suspension so that you can solely focus on the growth of your business. 


  1. Is it possible to follow easy steps to avoid Google Suspension?

Ans. Yes, by following some points, anyone can avoid Google Suspension. 

  1. Which is more easy Reinstatement process or avoiding suspension?

Ans. Avoiding suspension

  1. Which platform is best for eCommerce business?

Ans. Google Business. 

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