Google’s Top Content Bids Will Be Phased Out In October.

What are the best content bids? Top content bids allow promoters to set bid changes for content that was restrained by Google to be popular, have a bigger number of impressions per day, and get a higher level of traffic and viewer visit.

According to Google, nothing Outside of removing the information from their documentation, Google has not officially announced the change. Google was contacted for comment.

Google’s Top Content Bids Will Be Phased Out In October.

The segment for the top content in the bid modifications help document rights that the feature is no longer available.

Advertisers may receive notification in their accounts that, beginning in October, all top content bid adjustments will revert to 0%.

Why Do We Care?

Advertisers who use top content bid adjustments may continue to use them until October, but they should prepare for their demise.

 This could be Google’s latest attempt to automate and control ad campaigns, or it could be the end of a feature that never worked as well as intended.

In any case, if you use bid adjustments in your account, keep a close eye on them for changes.

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