Google’s top content bids are going awayGoogle’s top content bids are going away

From October, the top content bidding of Google will no longer be available. Lawrence Chasse was the first person who noticed the change and posted about it on Twitter. But there are very few people who know about the highest content bid. In this article, you will get to know more about the top content bid and what Google says about it. 

What are the top content bids?

Google is very popular and has a greater number of impressions per day along with high traffic and viewer engagement. The top content bids allow the advertisers to set the bid adjustment for the content as it is measured by Google. 

Google’s top content bids are going away

What does Google say about it?

Let us tell you that Google has not posted or announced anything official about the change outside the info from their documentation. We have to reach out to Google or wait for them. 

If you go into the bid adjustment section, the top content claims that the feature is no longer available. The advertisers will also see the notification starting in October. But all the top content bid adjustments will default back to 0%. 

Why should we care?

All the advertisers who use the top content bid adjustment will be able to use them until October. But they should also be ready for the change with a good and effective plan. If you are using bid adjustments in your account, then you should monitor them closely because they will affect you too. 


From when people are not able to use bids?

Ans. October 

Who was the first person who posted about it on Twitter?

Ans. Twitter 

Does google officially announce it?

Ans. No 

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