Google's helpful content update movement?

Many people are confused about the Google Helpful Content Update and if it is a big deal or not. Let us tell you that it all depends on a person. If the person is hit by them, then it will be very big for them. Although it is not affecting many websites for now. 

If you go deep into this, then you will find that it hit some sites very hard as their traffic dropped by almost 50% from the Google search results. The harsh truth is that it is those sites that are expected to be hit because of the content. You will get some outliers on the internet, like with all the Google updates, but this is not widespread, and when Google releases a Panda or Penguin update, the core updates, and even the product review updates. They are very limited and have not spread far beyond the most unhelpful content on the web. 

Google’s helpful content update movement?

Danny Sullivan also said that it is not a huge shakeup, although it is big in terms of Google’s direction as Google is going with the ranking content. About 20% SEOs said that they have noticed any ranking changes related to the helpful content. The google helpful content update seems very pretty minor to what the SEOs and tools are picking up. 

The sites that use AI or computers to write the content will be hit by them very hard. In other words, the content that was not written by humans was the most impacted.

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