Google Search's biggest announcements on 22

Google unveiled a number of new features for Google Search, Google News, Google Shopping, and other services at the Search On 22 event today. Let’s go over a few of the features Google mentioned today.

One thing to keep in mind is that, in contrast to the previous Search On events, it appeared that this one was more concerned with minor features than with Google announcing a significant advance in search. like the previous announcements regarding BERT, MUM, and other AI-based improvements in Google Search.

Google Search’s biggest announcements on 22

1. The expansion of multi-search

In the upcoming months, Google will add 70 additional languages to multi-search. Google introduced multi-search for queries with an English and American focus last year.

Google Multisearch: an explanation. With Google Multisearch, you can use the phone attached to your camera to perform an image search using Google Lens and then add a text search on top of the image search. Google will then display visual search results by combining the text and image queries.

How the Google Multisearch function? Click the Google Lens camera icon to the right of the search box in the Google app on Android or iOS. Then, aim the camera at a nearby object, use a picture stored in your camera, or even take a photo of something displayed on your computer screen. To bring up the results, swipe up on them. Then tap the “+ Add to your search” button. You can enter text for your image search in this box.

2. Multisearch near me is about to launch

Google previewed multi-search nearby last year at Google I/O. Google will eventually roll out that feature in the English and American search results. Google officially stated that it would launch in the late fall of 2022.

Multisearch for what is nearby. You can zoom in on those image and text searches using the near me feature to look for products or anything else using your camera, as well as to find local results. Therefore, if you want to locate a restaurant that serves a particular dish, you can do so.

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