Google search ranking update around September 7th

Google pushed out a local search engine ranking update on September 7th. In addition to the helpful content update between the 25th of August and the 9th of September. But the September 2022 core update kicked off on September 12th.

Google search ranking update around September 7th

A local search forums thread has a bunch of local SEO reports on changes to the client ranking. But keep in mind that this would be unrelated to any core update or helpful content update. Joy Hawkins is an experienced and local SEO, he also said “I am hearing a few cases like this lately” where the local rankings have changed. Analyzing the ranking drops is time-consuming and also needs a pretty in-depth knowledge of the website, business, and competitors. So I am hesitant to offer advice on this. I would suggest looking to see if their organic ranking dropped as well or if it is just the local pack rankings. 

Some are saying that this just impacts the local pack and not the other organic result. It is also just the local pack ranking and they have dropped. One person said that the organic rankings are still doing very well. 

Another company said that their listing dropped out of the local pack on September 9th, just two days after the other. They wrote that they can confirm the issue started Friday 09\09\2022 and so it was showing up before then. Someone else said it was on September 6th, “I have a SAB client that was a complete drop from the maps and local maps and local map pack also.”

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