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Clicks or impressions for traffic coming from the new Google multisearch feature are not currently being tracked by Google Search Console. The other day, Glenn Gabe conducted tests on a few of his client sites to confirm this (please note that you can read his in-depth blog post on this here).

Recall that Multisearch enables users to refine their image searches by adding text queries on top of them. SEOs and marketers want to be able to assess the performance of multisearch as it begins to spread more widely.

Google Search Console
Google Search Console

They will have to wait to find out, as Search Console does not currently provide any information on it.

Glenn Gabe posted on Twitter, “I tested using multisearch to surface pages from 3 different clients. I made use of targeted queries and recorded the landing pages. As I anticipated, neither Web Search nor Image Search in GSC return any results.

Jamie Indigo inquired about tracking, so he conducted these tests:

This is how Google Analytics appears:

However, Search Console displays nothing:

Glenn then created a mock-up of a filter that he would really love to see Google add to the Multisearch performance report filters in Search Console:

click for full size

Perhaps you can find something in your raw log files, John suggested:

Who can predict if or when it will occur? I for one wouldn’t hold my breath.

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