Google’s John Mueller and Ginny Marvin said that, both on the organic search side and the paid search ad side. But Google does not guarantee clicks will lead to conversions. This is a Twitter thread where John said on the organic side that “Nobody can guarantee you conversions.”

Then Ginny said on the ad side, “Smart Bidding takes many signals into account to bid based on the predicted conversion opportunity.” But every click won’t convert, and looking at one click is usually not informative. “

How can you track the conversions in Google ads?

“Conversion” means the meaningful action taken by your audience after seeing your ad. The conversion rate will be different according to the kind of business and the ad you run on Google. For example, calls to your business clicks to specific pages, form fills, video views, etc. 

The below points will show you the attribution modeling:

  • First click
  • Last click 
  • Linear 
  • Time decays. 
  • Position based 
  • Data-driven 

The below points will show you the type of conversions that you can track with the Google ads:

  • Website actions 
  • Phone calls
  • App installs and in-app conversions 
  • Imported or offline conversions 
  • Loal conversions 
The below points will show you the conversion categories of Google Ads:
  • Sale categories 
  • Leads categories 
  • Further categories 
The below steps will help you with setting up the ad conversion track in just three simple steps:
  • Create your conversion action.
  • Set up google tag 
  • Check google tag

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