Google removes the date Published property from Fact check structured Data

Google has removed the datePublished recommended property from the fast check structured data documentation, as Google said. They also added that, currently, date information isn’t used in the Fact Check to produce a rich result. 

The new page removed the “published” section, as you can check it by yourself. The interesting point is that it is still shown in the example docs in the help docs. Google currently does not use date information to fast-check rich results for any recent events.

Google removes the date Published property from Fact check structured Data

How can anyone add structured data?

Structured data is a standard format that is provided about a page and also classifies the page content. The below points show an overview of how to build, release, and test structured data:

  • At first, you have to add the required properties. They are based on the format that you are using and will also teach you where to insert the structured data on the page. 
  • You should follow the guidelines provided there. 
  • You should validate your code by using the Rich Results Test. 
  • The next step is to deploy a few pages that include your structured data. Use the URL inspection tool and test how Google sees the page. Make sure that your page will not be blocked by the robots.txt file and that it will access Google as well. If the page is okay, then ask Google to recrawl the URLs. 
  • In the last step, you should keep Google informed of future changes. You can do this by automating the Search Console Sitemap API. 

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