Google might remove the word count from the search console for news article content errors

The Google search console provides a Google news-specific article content error with the making of “Article too short.” In this section, they offer a few recommendations just to make sure that the articles have more than 80 words. Danny Sullivan of Google said that people should not have to stress about the word count. He provides all this information on Twitter. 

Google might remove the word count

Make sure that the article on Google should be too short and more than 80 words. The article should contain a few words with brief information. Many times, Google will not consider the word limit during the ranking of a website. 

Danny Sullivan also wrote that people are writing too short content, which is of no use to people as they are not getting the proper and brief information. The content should be helpful without adding a bunch of words. The writer should focus on providing quality content instead of just adding up words to give the content length. 


Should the writer focus on quantity?

Ans. The writer should prefer quality over quantity. 

What are the qualities of good content?

Ans. It should be specific, have a good meta description, and be brief. 

Who gave all this information on Twitter?

Ans. Danny Sullivan

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