Google hotel knowledge panels gain health and safety and sustainability

Now Google is testing out the health and safety and sustainability information for hotels right in the Knowledge Panel. Before, in 2020, it was just added to the hotel landing pages in Google hotel search results. But now it can be shown directly in Google search. Lluc B. Penycate noticed all this and shared a screenshot of it on the social media platform Twitter. He also said that “the new design for hotels in the Knowledge Panel displays prominent health and safety and sustainability attributes.” But personally, he tried to replicate this, but I have not yet seen it. And so maybe Google is testing this or maybe they just began to roll it out.

Google hotel knowledge panels gain health and safety and sustainability

On this, Google said that many hotels and vacation rentals are taking additional measures for the safety of their guests because of covid-19. When you search for s place to stay on Google, a view-specific property will provide you with additional health and safety precautions like enhanced cleaning and also being taken up. 

Google said that it is working with the hotels and the vacation rental providers, the industry associations to add more health and safety information to the results you see. If you are a hotel owner and want to get verified on Google Business, then let your guests know about all the measures that you are taking to keep them safe by adding all the safety and health attributes. 

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