Google Display and Video 360 API v2 beta launched

Migrating from v1 to v2 is difficult as it requires updating the endpoint URLs to call v2 and also updating your application to account for breaking changes. Google announced the public beta for the display and video 360 v2 API, and they also announced the extension of the DV360 API Developer Survey through the end of September.

Google Display and Video 360 API v2 beta launched

What does the API do?

It displays the video 360 API and allows users to automate the complex display and video 360 workflows. Some examples, like creating insertion orders and setting target options for individual line items. 

V2 updates and new features 

V2 includes numerous new features and also breaking changes. Here are some of the changes introduced in v2:

  • You can now retrieve youtube and partners’ line items and their targeting settings using get and the list methods in the advsertisers.lineitems and advertisers.lineitems.targetingtypes.assignedtargetingoptions services. 
  • You can now update and retrieve assigned targeting options for multiple line items in a single request using the new advertisers.lineitems.bulkistassignedtargetingoptions and advertisers.lineitems.bulkeditassignedtargetingoptions methods. 
  • You can now update the lineitem.entitystatus field across multiple line items in a single request using the new advertisers.lineitems.bulkupdate method. 
  • Some targeting types now use enum values as assignedtargetingoptionId values, which enables the retrieval, creation, and deletion of targeting settings with enums. 

Dig Deeper

You can read the API announcement from Google to get the details. The survey will be found too, as the developers require additional information, which can be reviewed by reviewing the release notes.

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