Google John Mueller said that Google search will de-duplicate its search results based on the duplicate. He also said this on Twitter the other day when asked about the canonicalizing international URL. He wrote that “We do de-duplicate based on almost-duplicates” (I forgot the actual name), so that might be what you are seeing there.” I do wonder what the name is for deduplicating almost duplicates. 

In the SEO arena of the website, there is small doubt that eliminating duplicate content will be the toughest part of the battle. Too many content management systems and the piss-poor developers build sites that are great for the display but have very little consideration. The content functions from a search engine-friendly perspective. There are two kinds of duplicate content:

  • Onsite duplicate

It is when the same content is duplicated on two or more unique URLs. This is something that should be controlled by the site admin and the team of web developers. 

  • Offsite 

This is when two or more websites publish the exact same pieces and it cannot be controlled directly by relying on a third party. 

Why is duplicate content a problem?

Unique content will help you stand out from the rest. You can easily grab the attention of the users as they will find you different. Very few people trust your website or again visit your website as you have all the duplicate content. So, always try to provide unique content and let the audience come to your after a specific period of time.

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