Google Business Profile Guidelines Have Been Updated To Include Product InformationGoogle Business Profile Guidelines Have Been Updated To Include Product Information

Product listings on Google Business Profile provide a new way for advertisers and retailers to promote in-store items.

In-store products can now be added to retail businesses’ Google Business Profile listings.

This is how it works. Customers can find a products carousel (on the Maps mobile app) or a carousel and “Products” tab if they use Google Search to find a Business Profile.

Google Business Profile Guidelines Have Been Updated

How To Place An Order Online?

Customers can use the “Products” tab to:

  • To view product details, click the featured product card.
  • To see an overview of a product category, click on it.
  • To view product details, click a product within a product category.
  • Chat or call you for more information, or click on the button leading to your website to place an order online.
  • Please provide feedback if there are any copyright or legal issues.

How To Include Products You Can Add Products To Your Business Profile In Two Ways

  • Using the Product Editor manually
  • Use the Pointy app in conjunction with your POS system.

Managers can click See it on Google about a minute or two after uploading to see how products will appear to customers on Google Search.

Guidelines are required. Shopping Ads policies must be followed by retailers and advertisers who want to add products to their Business Profiles.

Furthermore, Google Does Not Permit Regulated Products Such As:

  • Alcohol\sTobacco\sGambling
  • Services in finance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Unauthorized supplements
  • Medical and health equipment


How Long Does It Take For Google To Update Your Business Profile?

It can take up to ten minutes to review.” Pending modifications may take up to 30 days to be reviewed in some situations. Please notify us if you believe your company’s information on Google is wrong. We may examine edits for quality before publishing them, so you may discover that some of your edits were rejected.

Why Aren’t My Products Listed On Google My Business?

If your Business Profile is suspended, all of your products will be marked as “Not Approved.” Products are automatically reprocessed and made available within 5 days of your Business Profile being reactivated. Learn how to restore a Business Profile that has been suspended.

Why Is My Google Business Being Scrutinized?

After being verified, a business may be placed in pending status. If your listing page remains pending after three days (something went wrong when you created your business data on Google Map), you should contact the support team, who should be able to help you publish the listing page.

How Can I Get My Product Approved By Google?

Your products must be approved before you can use them in free local product listings and local inventory ads. To be approved, products must have all of the needed attributes and adhere to the Shopping advertising regulations.

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