google ads search queriesgoogle ads search queries

Google officially announced that they are making changes to the google ads because of privacy reasons. Google is updating the privacy threshold for the search query report in universal analytics and the Google ads query, the first use Google ads query, and the session Google ads query dimensions for the explorations in Google analytics 4. 

google ads search queries

What is the privacy threshold? 

Last year, Google announced the new privacy threshold and also ensured user anonymity. All this is done by only reporting on terms that have seen sufficient search volume across all Google searches, and they are also committed to giving the advertisers more data. 

What does this mean?

The new threshold should kick in when the other advertisers are seeing the Google ads account more consistently. Google also says that because of the differences in data models, this updated search query terms reporting in the universal analytics will be more limited than google ads reports. 

Why do we care?

The search query report is always a source of data that helps the advertisers and also ensures that they are bidding on the right keywords. If the new standard of privacy threshold continues, which only shows keywords with significant search volume, then it will not be a useful tool for much longer. 

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