Instagram ads

For advertisers and brands, new ad features and tools may be beneficial, but users may tire of the constant advertising.

Nicole Farley at 2:30 PM on October 5, 2022 Time to read: two minutes

Instagram has been introducing new surfaces (also known as placements) and ad creative tools over the past few weeks to give businesses more options for making engaging posts, expanding their customer base, and developing their brands.

Instagram ads
Instagram ads

Reels’ music is optimized

Instagram has added free, top-notch music from the Meta Sound Collection library to help Reels gain more users. You can include these songs in Carousel Ads on Reels. You can choose a song from the app’s library or let it choose one for you based on the content.

View profile and home feed advertisements

The grid that appears when you select the Explore tab is called Explore home. In order to reach people as they are first learning about new content they might be interested in, this feed will now include advertisements.

Additionally, ads for non-teen, public profiles are being tested in profile feeds. People can scroll through this feed after going to another account’s profile and tapping on a post.

Options for earning money. As part of this test, we will try out a monetization option that will let qualified creators profit from ads that are shown in their profile feeds, starting with a small group of U.S. creators.

AI-driven multi-advertiser advertisements

Businesses can be found by “people who are in a shopping mindset and have recently engaged with relevant business content in feed” thanks to multi-advertiser ads.

The AI shows more ads from companies a person may be interested in after they demonstrate their commercial intent by interacting with an ad.

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