Facebook now provides new feed customization options

By allowing users to have more control over the content displayed in their feeds, Facebook is attempting to improve the user experience.

Posted by Nicole Farley at 12:58 pm on October 5, 2022 Time to read: two minutes

You now have two new options for customizing your feed on Facebook. With the new features, you can choose how much of the content the platform’s AI suggests you show.

Less of what you dislike and more of what you like. The first new feature in the feed is the option to choose whether to display more or fewer posts from friends, communities, and Facebook-recommended content.

Facebook now provides new feed customization options
Facebook now provides new feed customization options

The ranking score for the post you liked will briefly increase if you choose to Show more. The ranking score for that post will drop if you choose to Show less. These results aid in enhancing the AI’s intelligence, responsiveness, and customization to your preferences.

Show more, Show less posts will intermittently appear on your feed starting in a short while. By selecting the three dots in the post’s upper right corner, you can access the Show options.

Customize posts from groups, friends, and relatives. Facebook is also experimenting with new ways for users to control the posts they see from their connected friends and family, Groups, Pages, and public figures. 

These resources can be found in the Feed Preferences section of your account.

justification for our concern. Nobody wants to see content from brands, organizations, or groups in which they have no interest. Even if you belong to a group, being constantly barraged by posts from other group members doesn’t improve your Facebook experience.

Make sure you post pertinent, current content that is beneficial to your followers if you are a business using Facebook to promote your goods or services in order to maintain a high relevancy score.

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