Neo Bank India

A teen can learn financial responsibility by obtaining hands-on experience with a student’s digital account. Learn how to manage a digital account for your business. Younger children can assist your child in developing crucial budgeting, spending, and saving abilities.

Teen debit cards are similar to regular debit cards in that they allow young adults to make purchases without having to use cash. They do, however, provide parental limits to keep children from making significant mistakes and instructional chances to educate them on financial literacy.

The best debit cards for students have low fees, parental oversight, and account access. They can also teach young people how to spend, save, and invest wisely, thanks to built-in teaching and automation.


Fampay, India’s leading neo bank or pay app for children, has uncovered FamCard, the country’s top numberless card. Family is the marketing and distribution partner for the IDFC FIRST Bank Prepaid Card.


Fyp is the latest prepaid card revolution for teenagers! Spend, learn, and manage your money with Fyp to get ready to go on the world. FYP is a prepaid card for teenagers with no limits that teaches them about money. You may use your Fyp Debit card to make online and offline payments without needing to open a bank account.


Greenlight is a children’s debit card and mobile app that gives parents simple controls for properly managing family finances while also providing opportunities for kids to learn. Greenlight is a further practical and flexible cash substitute, with parental controls that allow parents to control where and how much their children spend. Greenlight has no upper or lower age limit, but it is intended to teach children about saving, spending, earning, giving, and even investing. There are three alternatives available, each of which includes tools to help your child manage their cash. The two most expensive systems, on the other hand, feature an investment platform that allows your child to buy actual stocks with your permission. Greenlight is also the best kid’s debit card, as it has a higher maximum card balance and transfers limit than most kids’ cards.


This Neo concept, which offers prepaid, debit, and credit cards, is ideal for teenagers aged 6 to 18. In summary, your children may learn how to earn and save money and set and attain financial goals. For youth, students, or children, a safe and secure Neo banking system.


Another online payment option is suitable for children. It helps parents to keep track of their children’s spending. Multiple children’s accounts can be managed through a single parent’s account. With a simple tap, monies are transferred to the Kids account. They are not permitting the children to purchase alcohol or video games. It instills financial responsibility in the children. Get a personalized card with a set spending limit. A Neo banking concept that is both safe and secure, as well as a digital savings account.


Yoda is an intelligent money app that gives kids control over their finances by providing a personal card and a powerful app to spend, manage costs, and learn about money. The Yoda community is a growing collection of young achievers who encourage one another in their goals and get a head start on personal finance and self-development. Yoda Club members are prepared to deal with money when it matters, unlike other young adults forced to learn the basics of personal finance later in life.


Junio is a first-of-its-kind digital pocket money software for preteens and teenagers. Shankar Nath and Ankit Gera, both former Paytm employees, co-founded the company in September 2020 to empower children to manage their own pocket money and savings with the aid of their parents. Furthermore, the goal is to instill financial literacy and discipline in children at a young age.


Anyone under the age of 22 can use its services. The software offers them a safe and “Gen Z-like” banking option that assists them in managing their finances. Parents can use the app to send money to their children via UPI, and they can subsequently spend it. To utilize Walrus, teenagers do not need to open a bank account.


Kiplepay Sdn Bhd is an e-money issuer that powers kiplePay. To maximize convenience, security, and business optimization, we assist customers, businesses, service providers, and governments perform cashless transactions across the internet, retail, vending machine, IVR, and mobile platforms.


The objective of iCard is to make current payment services available to everyone. We value every one of our customers. This is why we work so hard to provide excellent service, to provide quick and effective financial and technology solutions to current difficulties, and to provide an individual approach, maximum flexibility, and exceptional money protection.

If you are looking for a quick & easy Neo banking system or a Digital Saving account for kids, better choose the new techniques that are safe & secure. Although there are too many Indian & Overseas Banks too to facilitate prepaid cards, Debit cards, and Credit Card facilities to teenagers, they are not specialized. They offer public domain services to all age groups people. Here some unique concepts are mentioned, offering teen special banking concepts. 

Choosing the teen special banking system may help to provide the parents customized banking system. Parents want a financial management system through which they could manage the kids’ expenses. So naming here, some of the best Prepaid Card payment services provider companies for teenagers are FYP, Fampay, Greenlight, Gohenry, Zaap, iCard, KiplePay, Walrus, Junio, Yoda, and many more. Choosing them as a Digital Account Banking company for kids may facilitate the parents to create a safe & secure financial system for their teens. These Banking ventures are having tie-ups with Fintech companies offering financial support with innovative technology. The above-mentioned Neo-Banks are especially delivering banking for Youngers & teen students staying far from their families. Reserve a digital space for your teen in a Digital bank and get an easily accessible debit card or prepaid card, credit card, digital Saving account for teenagers. Before opening any bank account for your teen, seek the help of a financial expert and let them be independent, so that they could handle their online and offline payments carefully. Let’s enter into a smarter world for the new generation ensuring independence with safety and security.