On September 21, 2022, a data logging issue with the Google Search Console’s search performance report occurred. Due to this, some information in the search performance report for that particular date was not displayed, which might have given the impression that you received fewer visitors from Google Search that day.

Google Search Console

According to Google, the majority of the data will soon be replaced. You should mention this data anomaly in those reports if you have done any reporting for clients or plan to do any in the near future.

the problem. Google stated, “Sites may experience a slight decrease in data for this day due to a logging error. There is no change in search performance or user behavior; this is only a logging issue. We anticipate quickly replacing the majority of the lost data.

This occurred for the Search performance report on September 21.

what it appears to be. Now that Google has annotated the report, it is clear which date is impacted:

A quick fix is coming. Google stated that it would soon fix or replace the majority of the missing data. Uncertainty exists regarding the fix’s source—whether it will be actual data or averages from prior days.

justification for our concern. You might want to inform clients or management if you have provided reporting to them, that the data in Search Console as of September 21st might be inaccurate. You might want to annotate your reports with this note if you’ll be giving management or clients reports soon.

If the data was lost, be sure to check back later to see if it was recovered and if you need to send updated reports to clients or management.

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