Microsoft Bing is testing placing a label in the search result snippets that tells you if the search result snippet you are looking at is a web page. This is a web label on the left side of the search result snippet. It was spotted by Shameen Adhikarath, and he also posted a screenshot on Twitter.


He also said that 

I assume if PDFs or movies or photographs got here, they can be added and labeled as such. Google generally labels some file sorts searchers know earlier than they click on a PDF or Phrase doc from Google search. 

But you will assume that you will not have to label net search outcomes with a net?

Microsoft has begun experimenting with showing tweets in its Bing search result and it is like how Google search results started featuring tweets. It is possible to see the test in live Bing search results in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. The experiment also doesn’t appear to be available through the Microsoft Edge browser, apple, or Safari for that matter.

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