Bill Hartzer’s SEO Technical Audit: What To Look For When Crawling Your Site

A crawl of your website is an essential aspect of an SEO audit. But are you doing the majority of the crawling? Is there anything you’re overlooking?

What are the most critical things to look for when crawling your site, particularly those that are not immediately evident, such as broken links and images?

Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, welcomed Bill Hartzer, a blogger, SEO, and marketer who began developing HTML websites in the mid-1990s and has been an SEO expert for over two decades, to discuss technical audits.

Bill Hartzer’s SEO Technical Audit

First and foremost, employ many crawls because each will find a different amount of pages, requiring more data than a single crawl.

When Crawling Your Site, Consider The Following:

Orphaned web pages (pages that have no internal links). If you effectively interlink them, they can bring in a lot more visitors.

Pages that are duplicates or that you thought you redirected but are still active Pages that utilise rel=canonical incorrectly

Contact Ninjas to have us perform a thorough technical SEO audit of your site and solve anything that is keeping you from ranking higher!

What Exactly Is An SEO Audit Service, And Why Do You Need One?

What precisely is a Search Engine Optimization Audit, commonly known as a thorough technical assessment of your website? Or how about an SEO audit? This is when a highly skilled SEO specialist, such as myself, examines every aspect of your website.

They examine your website with a critical eye for any “problems” that may be preventing it from ranking effectively in search engines. A highly skilled SEO specialist like myself may undertake a technical analysis of your website and overall online presence, similar to how an accountant reviews your finances.

After all, I was actively doing organic or natural Search Engine Optimization even before the term “SEO.” I began in 1996 with my first few websites.

Did you know that one very minor “element,” something your website does, the way it acts (if it’s a dynamic website), or even one small website coding fault, can occasionally prevent your website from being correctly indexed in search engines?

Sometimes all it takes is “one small alteration.” And it could be something that even the most knowledgeable webmasters and SEOs ignore on a regular basis. On the other hand, it could be a major problem that affects the entire country.

Remember that only a certified, trustworthy professional, such as myself, can provide a reliable review of your website. That is where my consulting services can help. I’ve looked at literally hundreds upon thousands of websites over the years and have “seen it all” when it comes to website difficulties.

I am able to adequately provide you my consulting services as well as my SEO Audit Service. Sometimes it takes an experienced eye (or just someone else) to look at your website and figure out why it’s not ranking well in search engines.

I am capable of doing a search engine optimization assessment. It’s also worth emphasising that I don’t outsource any of my work; I do it all myself.

Are You Doing Everything You Can?

Even if you believe you have done all possible in terms of search engine optimization and that you are “doing alright” or even exceedingly well online. A search engine optimization audit should be completed at least once a year.

Sometimes you need someone to look over all of your present search engine optimization agency’s work and ensure that they’re doing the proper thing. Are they directing you in the correct direction?

I may assess your website’s search engine optimization. After all, who wouldn’t want a technical assessment to discover that there is nothing else that can be done to boost your company’s revenue?

I will personally undertake a complete search engine optimization audit on an existing website. (Hartzer Consulting does not subcontract any of its work.) I personally review a number of items, including:

  • Reputation of Search Engines
  • Search Engine Visibility (against other keyword competitors)
  • Structure of a Website
  • Popularity of links (I also do link audits.)
  • Structure of Internal Links
  • Examine Site Metadata Examine Domain Name Issues

If you’re getting ready to launch a new website, or even a website redesign, it’s vital that everything be reviewed by an experienced eye to ensure that no problems develop when the site goes live.

For website redesigns in particular, it’s critical to have someone like myself undertake a thorough technical search engine optimization analysis of both the old (current version) and new versions of the site.

When changing versions of your site, various challenges can occur, such as ensuring that the old URLs redirect to the new URLs. When I review your website, I search for things like this.

Technically, Very Extensive

I leave no stone untouched when giving these SEO auditing services. All potential website ranking issues are personally assessed by me. I don’t delegate this important task to anyone else. I’ll utilise my 18+ years of search engine optimization experience to inform you why your website isn’t ranking as well as it should in search results.

Few people in the search engine optimization profession have as much experience as I do. Recommendations are also made when I discover something on the website that needs to be fixed.

What Does The Audit Include?

My search engine optimization services, as well as monthly SEO services, include a lot. I have the skills needed to employ search engine optimization best practises to bring more quality visits to your website as someone who has been performing organic search engine optimization since 1996.

When I first start a search engine optimization engagement, I urge that SEO audits and “investigations” be undertaken on every website to evaluate where the site is now—and if there are any issues that need to be solved right immediately.

The Procedure

Ongoing monthly search engine optimization is critical, but there is a certain process that must be followed. Comprehensive technical SEO audits are an essential component of the whole search engine optimization process: you can’t optimise unless you know what’s wrong and what’s right.

Why build more connections to your site if you currently have a lot of really good links pointing to it but your on-page optimization isn’t done correctly? Auditing services are highly essential. Here’s my method, which is very useful if you provide regular monthly search engine optimization services:

  • Crawl the website to get information about it. A variety of crawlers and tools are employed.
  • Examine all content, both manually and with SEO tools.
  • Analyze the crawling operations and crawlers’ data.
  • Examine backlink data (review links pointing to the site).
  • Begin making recommendations and creating ideas about where to concentrate your efforts.
  • Make a list of tasks for on-site and off-site difficulties. Sort the list by priority.
  • Incorporate the task list into your ongoing monthly strategy.

The list above is not exhaustive, but as you can see, it is vital to determine what is wrong with the website and what is working. This is all based on data from SEO audits of websites, specifically your website.

How could you possibly fail to do these steps and achieve success with search engine optimization? Once these activities are completed, we will have a full action plan.

You Need A Comprehensive Strategy

Typically, a full Search Engine Optimization Audit, technical assessment of your website, and Link Profile analysis are recommended. This includes competition research, keyword research, and other SEO-related duties like updating meta data (title tags, meta description tags, and so on) and content improvement if necessary.

SEO auditing services also comprise a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy and a linking strategy that fits your company’s ROI objectives.

Several Items Are Examined During My Technical Website Inspections, Including:
  • Reputation of Search Engines
  • Search Engine Visibility (against other keyword competitors)
  • Content Optimization and Content Review
  • Site structure and general site design are being reviewed (includes page load speed, other factors affecting visits)
  • Popularity of links (backlink data)
  • Structure of Internal Links
  • Website Meta Data Analysis and Writing (title tags, meta description tags)
  • Domain name concerns are being reviewed.
  • Analysis of the link profile, including “cleaning up” bad and poisonous links heading to the website (if bad links are found)
  • If the website is centred on a certain location, review local citations, directory listings, and so on (appeals to local customers)

I leave no stone left during a technical assessment of your website. I use all of the necessary tools to collect all of the necessary data—and then generate a detailed list of concerns that can damage your Google ranking.

It includes not only Google traffic, but also Bing and Yahoo ranks and referrals from other websites. All potential website ranking concerns are investigated. Everything relating to internet marketing, website traffic, and overall online presence is covered and reviewed.

Recommendations are also made when I discover something on the website that needs to be fixed. Even if you are currently working with a Search Engine Optimization provider.

Following Your Website Audit

Mr. Hartzer can work with you on a monthly search engine optimization maintenance plan after the first set of search engine optimization recommendations are implemented during the first month in order to keep your website at the top of the search engine results for those keywords that are helping you reach your overall website marketing and ROI goals.

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