Google shopping tools

Google decided the time was right to introduce nine new shopping tools and features with the holidays just around the corner. Google stated during the announcement that the goal was to create a more individualized, immersive experience. Let’s get going.

Google shopping tools

1. Use the word “shop” in your search

You can access the visual feed of the product’s tools, inventory, and inventory when you search for the word “shop” after the item you’re looking for in the US. In addition to expanding to new regions for mobile and desktop, the shoppable search experience is also being extended beyond apparel to include electronics, beauty, and other categories.

2. Buy this look

With this new tool, you’ll be able to see options for where to buy the items you find in searches. Links to the exact item you’re looking for, as well as suggestions for where to find complementary items, are displayed in the “shop the look” feature.

3. See what’s trending

Trending products, a new feature in Search, display items that are hot right now in a particular category. This fall, but no specific date has been given, American customers will be able to use the new feature.

4. 3D shopping

According to Google, 3D images are almost 50% more engaging than static ones. This year saw the introduction of 3D visuals for home goods, and soon you’ll be able to see 3D visuals for shoes, starting with sneakers.

Google also introduced a new automated 360-degree spin feature, which can be accessed by using a “handful” of static photos, to improve merchants’ and advertisers’ access to 3D images. In the upcoming months, new technology will be made available.

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