An extension is a software program that helps to customize the browsing experience. These are like having small icons of your most frequently used websites or applications within your easy access. The only parameter is that a Chrome extension must and should cater to a common purpose that is discreet and easy to maneuver. These extensions usually have multiple functionalities but a minimal and hassle-free user interface.

There are many Chrome extensions are aimed towards users with different intent and requirement. Notably, for SEO professionals, no amount of tools or applications seem to be enough as they keep pairing up two or more tools to get the best possible results. So let’s take a look at some of the choicest Chrome extension for SEOs.

  1. LinkMiner – The biggest nightmare for any web developer is a broken link or the 404 pages. LinkMiner is the most trusted link checker that is integrated with Moz, Majestic, and Ahrefs. It helps to distinguish live links from the broken links by marking the live ones in green and the broken ones in red.
  2. Keywords Everywhere – A very trusted keyword tool that helps to reveal the search volume as well a CPC data of the popular search engines, e-commerce, and social media platforms.
  3. Link Redirect Trace – Particularly useful for link building exercises, Link Redirect Trace helps to derive at the most comprehensive, advanced, and accurate link analysis and redirects. It also helps to regain lost ‘link juice’ and evaluates URLs in redirect chains such as 301’s and 302’s.
  4. Ahrefs Toolbar – The most tried and tested toolbar that aids the SEO professionals to get easy access to the entire gamut of Page and Domain metrics that include Afrefs URL Rating, Ahrefs Domain Rating, Ahrefs Rank, several referring domains and backlinks, estimated organic search traffic and several ranking keywords. In short, Ahrefs Toolbar is a one-stop-shop that makes the life of a web developer or an SEO expert a lot easier.     
  5. NoFollow – It is crucial for link building purposes as it helps to identify the nofollow links. It also helps to detect nofollow and noindex meta tags used on a webpage. NoFollow extension also helps in website filtering and customizing CSS outline styles.
  6. SEOquake – It is a web browser extension with a lot of uses. It helps to extract and analyze Google search results, explain internal as well as external links, check metrics, and identifies on-page issues.
  7. Mozbar – Available in both free and paid versions, Mozbar is a one-stop solution for all your SEO requirements. It helps to create customized searches of various search engines, cities, regions, or countries. It provides prompt assessments for the Domain Authority and Page Authority of a website or webpage. It evaluates the link metrics of the pages by analyzing the search engine research page (SERP). It highlights keywords, do-follow, no-follow, external as well as an internal link. It also makes it easy to export SERK analysis to a CSV file. Needless to say, it is a must-have Chrome extension for any web developer or SEO expert.
  8. Tag Assistant – Yet another useful Chrome extension, Tag Assistant, helps to ensure seamless installation of Google Tags such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager Adwords Conversion Tracking, and much more. It also records a typical user flow on your website.
  9. Scraper – A very useful extension, Scraper helps to export data out of the web pages into the spreadsheets. It is a data mining extension that comes handy when you want to exports a large amount of data from the webpage into a spreadsheet form in very less time.
  10. Web Developer – It is an extension that helps you to add a toolbar button featuring various web development tools. It is a Web Developer extension of Firefox that allows to see how the website looks on different screen sizes and much more.
  11. AdBlock – A respite for not only the SEO experts but also the other users, AdBlock block advertisements on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, search engines as well as websites. It is also very useful in identifying organic reaches.
  12. Grammarly – The lifeline of any content marketing professionals, Grammarly is a freemium Chrome extension extensively used by writers and SEO experts. It helps to identify grammatical and spelling errors and suggests the rectified version of the same. It helps to improve a write up linguistically, thereby creating an overall good impression on the reader.

Chrome extensions are software that makes life easier and enhances productivity in a manifold manner. It quickens the process, mostly gives an accurate and dependable output. However, if there are too many Chrome extensions, it may slow down the system to a large extent.